CobbRex & Mary Cobb

Rex is the Director of BBTI, a trustee, and an instructor.
Mary is an instructor in Linguistics and Literacy.

Alford 1Brian & Patricia Alford

Brian is the Assistant Director, a trustee, and an instructor.
Patricia is the financial secretary and office manager.

SchnellSteve & Margie Schnell

Steve is an instructor, a trustee, and the work detail leader.
Margie works in child care.

CarpenterMichael & Jordan Carpenter

Michael is the Articulatory Phonetics Instructor.

Board of Trustees Members

Rex Cobb—Director of BBTI

Brian Alford—Assistant Director at BBTI

Charles Turner—Chairman of the Board

Robert Huddleston—Former missionary and retired pastor

Steve Schnell—Instructor at BBTI