“Osbert, my language teacher and culture instructor, paid me a very high compliment yesterday. He said I already speak his language better than any of the other missionaries. I know that this is solely due to the advanced training I received at BBTI. So, to all you missionaries out there on deputation, don’t you dare tell yourself that you can’t afford the school or cannot spare the time – YOU CANNOT AFFORD NOT TO!”   –James


“I finished the BBTI training four years ago. I will forever be grateful God directed me to attend the school. The lessons I learned there were invaluable to not only my language learning success in Brazil, but also my connection with the people.”   –Gloria


“While serving in Europe and Asia and meeting many other missionaries, it has been my observation that the missionaries trained at BBTI were usually the first to learn the language which is indispensable in making spiritual inroads. In hindsight, training at BBTI would have been one of the best investments I could have ever made in my service overseas!”   –Jerry


“I definitely had my doubts before going to BBTI as to whether we would see much deputation progress while in school for nine months. We went to BBTI in August of 2008 at 62% of needed support. Now, one year after moving to BBTI, we are at 90% of needed support. Continue to tell missionaries on deputation that they can come to BBTI and continue deputation. Tell them how God so graciously blessed this missionary family who initially had doubts but is now amazed at what the Lord has done.”    –Charlie


“The training was excellent. I consider it time very well spent and the knowledge extremely valuable for the foreign field. I highly recommend BBTI to any missionary going to ANY foreign field, even English speaking ones because of the culture training.”  –Rick