More than seven billion souls live in our world today. Jesus died for each one, He desires to save each one, He has commanded each one to repent, and He has commissioned His church to evangelize each one. Anyone can be saved, but no one can be saved without hearing the Gospel.  1040 WINDOW MAP

The need for the Gospel is universal, but there is a great inequity in the access to the Gospel. Some hear it over and over while billions have yet to hear it for the first time. Many live and die and never even hear the name of Jesus Christ from anyone, let alone a Bible-believing Baptist missionary!  An area known as the 10/40 window is probably the most neglected and spiritually needy part of the world. It stretches from western Africa to eastern Asia. Two-thirds of earth’s people live there. The 10/40 window is home to thousands of unreached ethnic groups that speak thousands of different languages; many of these are still unwritten and have no Scripture.  …Read More

The population of the 10/40 window tends to be animist, atheist, Buddhist, Hindu, Jewish, and Muslim. The governments generally oppose the work of missions. The   terrain and climate of many 10/40 window areas are inhospitable. There are over 8,000 people groups, speaking diverse languages. When Jesus commanded us to evangelize the world, He knew about the religious, political, geographical, and cultural and linguistic barriers that would make the task difficult and unpleasant. It may be difficult and dangerous, but we must find ways to preach Christ in all these places.

The missionary can overcome the cultural and linguistic barrier, and he must prepare to do so. Any language can be mastered. The Gospel can be explained in any culture. Any unwritten language can be written. The Bible can be translated into all 7,000 languages. All people can be taught to read and write. Christ can save anyone, and indigenous, New Testament Baptist churches can be planted anywhere.