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The Everlasting Arms

Sometimes in life we find ourselves in the midst of a series of events perceived as misfortunes.  Often, however, God intends for these times, when it seems everything goes wrong, to bring us closer to Him.

Such was the case for Rosalind Goforth in the summer of 1900.  She and her husband, Jonathan, had been ministering to the Chinese people since 1888, when the first of the “hurricane of horrors” struck.  After previously losing three precious […]

The Everlasting Arms2018-02-28T19:27:10-05:00

Preserved in a Pillow

“The words of the Lord are pure words…Thou shalt keep them, O Lord, thou shalt preserve them from this generation for ever” (Psalms 12:6-7).

With a crash the door flew open as Adoniram and Ann were enjoying a meal together. Without invitation, a Burmese police officer barged in and growled, “Mr. Judson, You are under arrest!”

The Judsons landed in Burma on July 13, 1813. After mastering this new language, Adoniram began translating the Bible into Burmese. […]

Preserved in a Pillow2018-03-09T14:13:34-05:00

Semper Fi

Jerry became a marine at age seventeen, and the people back home in Michigan thought he was a Christian. He had made a profession of faith at age twelve, but his life showed little evidence of salvation. One evening, Jerry and three other marines planned to go to town and get drunk. A corporal, however, needed a truck driver, and Jerry had to stay on duty.  On […]

Semper Fi2018-02-08T16:09:27-05:00

An Unexpected Opportunity

We plan to use Thailand’s religious freedom as well as its proximity to closed countries to serve as a hub for ministry in S.E. Asia. Part of our plan for Thailand has been to systematically and strategically “sow” down different regions by tract distribution. We now have nearly five hundred students in the Bible Correspondence School. Our goal is for God to raise up some men who can be trained and who will later establish […]

An Unexpected Opportunity2019-02-06T15:28:06-05:00

An Unfamiliar Solution

Most people would rather live with a problem they are familiar with than try an unfamiliar solution.  This mentality is akin to the saying that insanity is doing the same thing over and over, expecting different results.

Do we Fundamental Baptists have any problems when it comes to missions?  I would say we do.  However, let me be quick to say I think we do more for missions […]

An Unfamiliar Solution2017-08-05T22:49:52-05:00

Dare to Dream

Faustino, an Indian from the Tlapaneco tribe located in the mountains of Guerrero, Mexico, had lived outside his village among the Spanish-speaking people for several years. God in His goodness saved this young man, and he attended a Bible institute. During this time, Brother Don Fraser, the founder of the Bearing Precious Seed ministry, challenged the Mexican students to reach those who have never heard the message […]

Dare to Dream2017-11-27T11:12:13-05:00
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