Old Missionaries

A BBTI graduate couple serving in the mountains of Papua New Guinea recently wrote, “We can talk to people at our door or out in the yard, but we are no longer able to walk the mountain trails that would take us to other parts of the village. How thankful we are for a handful of the younger generation who have been willing to give themselves to serve the Lord, but oh, that there were many more.” This couple’s name is Young, but ironically they are anything but young. Together they are 154 years old!

Often a church will put pictures on the wall of the missionary they support. If your church does that, notice how many of them look to be over sixty years old. Thank God for old missionaries! They could come home, enjoy their grandchildren or great grandchildren and live off of Society Security, but they don’t. They keep going because the work is not finished.

We must ask, “Where are the young missionaries with some of the same no-quit character who will go and continue on the field for a lifetime?” Maybe you are one.