Why Not You?

The following is part of a recent prayer letter from a BBTI graduate working in Japan: “In October we took a family trip to the southeast part of the Island. We enjoyed the beauty of that part of Hokkaido, the family time away, and the kind people that we met along the way. We were saddened by the vast areas of land that we covered that have little, if any, Gospel witness. Kushiro (pop. 172,000), Obihiro (pop. 168,000), and Kitami (pop.121,000), plus all the cities, towns, and villages in between need the Gospel. Are you the one God wants to use to reach these people?”

So, why don’t you go to one of these cities, or some other place where no one is preaching the Gospel of Christ? There are hundreds of thousands such areas waiting for someone. Why not you?  I can hear you saying, “I could never be a missionary.” Who told you that you can’t? Did God? Or maybe it was only your own heart (which you cannot trust). Or worse yet, it might have been Satan telling you to stay home and forget about the heathen. He has billions of lost souls under his control and he sure does not want you or me to reach them. But God does! And it will require well-trained missionaries to do it. Preparing Baptist missionaries is our specialty.