Help Wanted

I was in North Carolina recently and needed a bite to eat. I wanted to go in, sit down, and eat. I tried three fast food restaurants, and all were only serving at the drive-in window. I asked the girl at the last place why the dining rooms were closed. Was it because of the China virus? She told me, “No, that’s not the problem. We just can’t find anyone who will work.” There are help wanted signs at almost all the businesses, but our wonderful, rich, generous government is paying people well to stay home!

All round the world God has posted help wanted sings. He is looking for waiters who will serve the Bread of Life to starving people. And all but a few are staying home! (I guess the salary and fringe benefits that God offers is not enough for them). You may not feel qualified for the job, but if you would just apply, there is a very good possibility that God would hire you on the spot! If He does, you will need training. That’s where we come in. Thank you for looking at the Advanced Missionary Training we have to offer Baptist missionaries.