In 1972, my wife and I were planning to go to the mission field. Someone told us about missionaries George and Sharon Anderson who had just finished an intensive, two-year course with New Tribes Mission and were about to establish a similar institute to train Baptist missionaries in language and culture learning and linguistics. It would be called Baptist Bible Translators Institute (BBTI). I flew to Fort Worth and met George. He easily convinced me that we needed what BBTI would give us. In September 1973, Mary and I were among the first students at BBTI.  We went on to the field, and the BBTI training was a great help to us. Twenty-three years later, we returned to BBTI to help prepare others. Over the last 21 years, I have tried to convince missionaries to prepare here for nine months before going to the field. Several have been convinced as I was 47 years ago; they do not regret taking the time to prepare. No one should attempt to represent Christ in another culture without the best possible preparation!