Today I will loan my director’s pen to BBTI graduate John Combest, missionary to Republic of Congo, Africa. You will find his views interesting and thought provoking.

A Devil, a Dog, and a Desire

Where are the workers in “the harvests” of the world? By far, this is the biggest question which plagues me as I travel about the U.S. Has God given His life for a generation of believers which, while fully willing to invest in others, are unwilling to go themselves? Have we so acclimated our churches to the idea that
“missions is money” that we are missing the truth that missions is GOING? The Faith Promise dollar (while helping finance missionaries throughout this world) has never personally seen one soul brought to Christ. The messenger is not the dollar; the messenger is the human life given to the spread of the gospel. This is not an attack on our financial investment into missions, but rather a heartfelt plea for workers. Vast portions of central Africa, lying submerged beneath thick canopies of steamy tropical jungle, are spiritual wastelands. Have they heard the gospel? Have they had opportunity to learn the Scriptures? Will they ever hold or hear the Word of God in their own language? These are not assignments for mission dollars, these are the duties of missionaries. And yet, I find that we tend to sit quietly in our comfy pews and academically on our college campuses, piously reasoning that this great task can only be accomplished by those called to it, despite the reality that “the called” (whoever they may be) are not to be found throughout great swaths of this world. In Matthew 7, we find the story of a Grecian mother. Driven to Christ’s feet by desire to see her daughter freed of Satan, she is shockingly pushed away by the Saviour Himself: “It is not meet to take the children’s bread, and to cast it to dogs.” Undaunted, she responds, “Truth, Lord: yet the dogs eat of the crumbs which fall from their masters’ table.” Was it proper to take what was rightfully the Jews and give it to Gentiles? No! And yet, through faith, as we find in verse 28, she saw her desire obtained, “O woman, great is thy faith: be it unto thee even as thou wilt.” May the Lord give His people such a desire to see this world reached, that even those “uncalled” (Is there such a thing?) step forward in response! May the question of “How much do you need?” seen on questionnaires and heard from fellow Christians, be replaced with “How many more do you need?” I will leave it to scholars and theologians to deliberate as to whether or not the “work of the Lord” belongs uniquely to their idea of the “called, gifted, and ordained”; but I can tell you that the heathen care not for “the calling” when hearing the gospel; for to those of them who believe, it is LIFE.

By John Combest, March 2022