The Rescue of Baby Jessica

On October 16, 1987, in Midland, Texas, eighteen-month-old Jessica McClure fell headfirst into an abandoned water well. She became stuck about twenty-two feet down, and the rescue effort began. Nothing was more important to any of us for the next fifty-eight hours than the rescue of this precious little girl. Perhaps even the atheists were praying for this child and for those who were working to save her!  Mining experts drilled a parallel shaft and then tunneled horizontally to reach the child. We all cried tears of joy when a paramedic emerged from the hole with Jessica in his arms, alive and well.  No price was too great to pay save Baby Jessica.

O that we had people today that feel the same urgency to rescue the lost around the world and free them from the snare of the devil! May God give us well-trained experts willing to learn the language and culture of the heathen and communicate the soul-saving message of Christ. May God also touch the hearts of His people to pray and pay so that helpless souls can be reached before their time runs out! May you find your vital place in this great rescue effort!