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Updates on Graduates

Semper Fi

Jerry became a marine at age 17, and the people back home in Michigan thought he was a Christian. He had made a profession of faith at age 12, but his life showed little evidence of salvation. One evening, Jerry and 3 other marines planned to go to town and get drunk. A corporal, however, needed a truck driver, and Jerry had to stay on duty.  On their way home, his buddies hit a bridge [...]

An Unexpected Opportunity

We plan to use Thailand’s religious freedom as well as its proximity to closed countries to serve as a hub for ministry in S.E. Asia. Part of our plan for Thailand has been to systematically and strategically “sow” down different regions by tract distribution. We now have nearly five hundred students in the Bible Correspondence School. Our goal is for God to raise up some men who can be trained and who will later [...]