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Missionary Stories

Who Did Sin?

John Chamberlain had no idea what the future would hold when he embarked on his journey to India. With his ministerial education, his new wife, and his zeal to reach lost souls, he was ready to begin his missionary journey. His path seemed clear and straightforward. He would go to Calcutta and learn the Bengali language. He would work with William Carey and evangelize the lost Hindu and Bengal people. He would serve God with [...]

White Queen of Africa

Into the trepid jungle of Africa strode a young Scotch woman intent on spreading the gospel of Christ. She was a small, naturally timid woman, but nothing was too perilous when the cause of Christ was at stake. Mary Slessor found Jesus as a slum child in a textile factory and instantly gave her life to Him. Born in Aberdeen, Scotland, she had high dreams of evangelizing  the little black children of Calabar, Africa. When [...]

God’s Lost and Found Department

“ ‘He that findeth his life shall lose it: and he that loseth his life for My sake shall find it.’ I have been directed to these and similar passages again and again. I should like to put these truths to the utmost test… Seemingly God delights in many instances to place men in situations which magnify their weaknesses for the simple delight of showing Himself strong to all observers” (Unfolding Destinies by Olive Fleming [...]

Called from the Cobbler’s Bench

William Carey (1761–1834) "Thy Redeemer ... The God of the whole earth shall He be called." Isaiah 54:5 In 1783, above a cobbler’s bench in England, there hung a large hand-made map of the known world. As the young cobbler worked, he prayed for little-known lands full of people who were ignorant of the Gospel. Between shoe-making, school teaching, and itinerant preaching, he found time to teach himself Greek, Hebrew, Latin, Dutch, French, [...]

Winning One Tribe

Margaret Stringer is a member of Freedom Baptist Church, Greenville, South Carolina. “From the very first, I wanted to go to the most primitive people in the world and so was thrilled when God gave me the privilege of going to West Papua.”*  So writes Margaret Stringer, who served for thirty years among people who never heard the name of Jesus before 1980. After ten years on the southern coast of West Papua [...]

No Regrets

William Borden (1887 – 1913) Any life lived wholly for Jesus is a life with “no regrets.” Will it cost something? Yes, but the earthly cost fails to compare with the eternal rewards. William Borden was a young man who understood this truth and lived it out. Though born into the wealthy “Borden Milk” family, William soon discerned that only heavenly riches are lasting and sought to use his resources to advance God’s [...]

Soldier of the Cross

Darlene Deibler Rose (1917-2004) “Lassie, whatever you do, be a good soldier for Jesus Christ.” Dr. Jaffray’s last words to Darlene Deibler filled her mind as she approached the door of her cell. She was on death row, imprisoned to face a trial and death sentence by the Imperial Japanese Army. Many years earlier at a missionary convention, ten-year old Darlene heard God’s call to a life of total commitment. She responded whole-heartedly, [...]

Partners in Prayer

James O. Frasier served with China Inland Mission from 1910 until his death in 1938. Turning his back on a promising engineering career, 22 year old James O. Frasier went to the mountains of China to reach the Lisu tribespeople of Yunnan Province with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Intense opposition confronted him. Not afraid of primitive living, James was an adventuresome person who loved mountaineering. But the thought of working alone to [...]

God Made a Way

This church in Madanapalle, India, was built 100 years ago by Jacob Chamberlain. With a weary sigh, Jacob Chamberlain stretched out on the floor of his bamboo hut. A long walk through the Indian jungle to reach the little village had left him tired and footsore. He opened his New Testament and commenced reading. As he let the Book slide through his fingers, Dr. Chamberlain suddenly became aware of a pair of beady [...]

Strength for the Journey

Gladys Alyward (1902-1970) served 17 rigorous years in China without a furlough. The silver planes that zoomed overhead sent the children scattering in all directions, falling face down and hiding behind rocks, under trees, and in tall grass. Gladys Alyward waited to see if the Japanese would return, and when she was certain the planes were gone, she called the children together again. On they journeyed, footsore, hungry, and fatigued, hoping they would [...]

Power unto Salvation

Larawi, daughter of first Balangao believer For the Balangao people in the mountains of the Philippines, the spirits were in control of every aspect of life. Their lives were centered around satisfying the spirits' demands, even if it meant great personal sacrifice. Yet still, their children and wives died in childbirth, they became sick, and their crops failed. The Balangaos were in bondage to the god of this world, whose desire is to [...]

A Prepared People

Hmong Man “Oh, Tsong-ma, aren’t you going to sacrifice to the demons? Toong is our only child; we cannot lose him!” The young mother wept as she saw her son’s little body racked with pain. “No!” Tsong-ma replied. “What good can it do? Others have tried, and their children still died. There must be something else…” Tsong-ma sat in his hut, high on the mountains of Northern Thailand. All his Hmong village had [...]

Not in Vain

Arthur Matthews Envision yourself living in a tiny room, furnished with one stool.  The only heat you can obtain is by burning animal waste in an iron stove.  You have ample funds in the bank to sustain your hungry family, but you can't access the money. You are friendless and stuck in a foreign country with little hope of getting home. As a child of God, what would your attitude be? Arthur and Wilda [...]

Living Water

       “And let him that heareth say, Come. And let him that is athirst come. And whosoever will, let him take of the water of life freely” (Rev. 22:17). I wonder if the two evangelists from North Ireland ever learned of the full effects of the meeting they held in Inverary, Scotland, in November of 1859. For in their audience sat a wild young man of eighteen who came to break up the meeting but [...]

The Everlasting Arms

Rosalind Goforth 1864-1942 Sometimes in life we find ourselves in the midst of a series of events perceived as misfortunes.  Often, however, God intends for these times, when it seems everything goes wrong, to bring us closer to Him. Such was the case for Rosalind Goforth in the summer of 1900.  She and her husband, Jonathan, had been ministering to the Chinese people since 1888, when the first of the “hurricane of horrors” [...]

Preserved in a Pillow

“The words of the Lord are pure words…Thou shalt keep them, O Lord, thou shalt preserve them from this generation for ever” (Psalms 12:6-7). With a crash the door flew open as Adoniram and Ann were enjoying a meal together. Without invitation, a Burmese police officer barged in and growled, “Mr. Judson, You are under arrest!” The Judsons landed in Burma on July 13, 1813. After mastering this new language, Adoniram began translating the [...]