Language Acquisition (L-454)

Language Learning Principles Part I (4 credit hours)

The studies of Phonetics, Phonemics, Morphology, and Syntax are applied to Principles of Language Learning. The students are taught a method of Situational Language Learning that uses a dialogue approach. It has proven to be very effective in helping missionaries learn both written and unwritten languages.

In this language learning course, the missionary works with an actual language and learns a step-by-step method that he can follow on the field. He learns to be in control of his language learning situation. He gets the language in small portions at first and, as he is able, increases the length of the phrases.

Even if the missionary has the privilege of attending a language school, this course will help him. If his assignment is to learn a language where there is no language school (there are probably 5,000 languages that do not have language schools), he knows how to accomplish this seemingly impossible task.