Every country in the world has a Deaf population, and they are largely unreached. Many of them have their own culture and a sign language distinct for that country.  Some deaf people live in isolation and loneliness, while others move to cities and form deaf communities.

There are actually two Englands— two English languages and two English cultures that co-exist side by side—the hearing and the Deaf.  Similarly, there are two Germanies, two Frances, two Spains, two Chinas, two Indias, and two Russias.  We are somewhat mindful to go and  reach the first language and culture. But do we ever think about reaching the other, the Deaf? The fact is that they NEVER even cross our minds.

Missionaries to the Deaf must be sent to reach this hidden world that most of us have forgotten. Otherwise, we can only claim to reach the nationals of a country. It is impossible for the Deaf to come to us, to become bilingual and bicultural. It is we who are commanded to go to them.

Summer 2015