“Oh, Tsong-ma, aren’t you going to sacrifice to the demons? Toong is our only child; we cannot lose him!” The young mother wept as she saw her son’s little body racked with pain.

“No!” Tsong-ma replied. “What good can it do? Others have tried, and their children still died. There must be something else…” Tsong-ma sat in his hut, high on the mountains of Northern Thailand. All his Hmong village had ever known was a life of bondage,oppression, appeasing demons, darkness, and fear.

“I have heard some Hmong in China are learning a new way. I wish I remembered that Name they prayed to! Oh, I must recall it!” Tsong-ma sat in deep thought, the light of the fire showing the intensity on his dark face. Suddenly, with a voice filled with hope, he cried, “I remember! That Name—it is JESUS! Oh, Jesus, please heal my son! Oh Jesus, I don’t know how to pray to You, but please heal my son! Jesus!”

As the sun rose the next morning, joy rose in Tsong-ma’s heart, and he exclaimed, “The others sacrificed, but the demons had no power to heal. This Jesus has healed our little Toong. Oh, what power this Jesus has!”

Time passed, and Tsong-ma was left questioning. Who was this Jesus? Not knowing what to do, he continued worshpiping demons.

However, as Tsong-ma was wondering, God was working. When missionaries Don Rulison and Ernie Heimback arrived to preach the Gospel in Namkhet, they received an unexpected welcome. The man that had been searching so long was ready to burn his demon altar and receive Jesus.

Our God truly is powerful to prepare one tribesman deep in the mountains to receive the Gospel. I wonder how many others He is preparing even now. Part of our job as intercessors is to pray that God, through His Spirit, would do this preparatory work in the hearts of others. Will you pray for a people to be prepared? Perhaps He is preparing a people for you to reach with the Gospel. They are lost, they are hopeless, and they are waiting. Will you go to them?