The 394,842 Dang Tharu of  Nepal live just south of the  Himalayan Mountains. They are of Mongolian descent and make their living by farming and raising livestock.

Animism (a belief in spiritual beings who reside in persons, animals or things) results in the worship of monkeys, snakes and     cows. The goddesses of forest, river and stream must be appeased. This spirit worship has been mixed with Hinduism, and the Dang Tharu are a low group in that caste system.

They have  both a belief in a supreme God and a strong tradition of oral literature,  but most have never heard the name of Jesus, and they have no Scriptures. There are no  Christian broadcasts nor churches—less than 1% are Christian.

Pray for God to bind the spirits of Hinduism and raise up Bible translators for this needy people.

Summer 2016