Khorasani Turks of Iran

Far removed from the metropolis of Tehran, the Khorasani people have survived centuries of numerous invasions of other peoples. They have retained their culture despite the influences and governing of various Turks, Mongols, Arabs and Afghans. While farming is the main livelihood, they also produce magnificent, original rugs and tapestries. Because of their Islamic beliefs, family is an extremely significant part of their lives. Isolated for many years, schools are now being established throughout the province and education is becoming increasingly important. Over 800 thousand Khorasani inhabit the northeastern part of Iran, where there is no known witness of the Gospel. Not only is there no one to tell them of God’s salvation, but they also do not have a Bible in their language. Therefore, the Truth of the Gospel is virtually inaccessible.

Khorasan translated means “land of the rising sun.” Of course this refers to the sun in the sky, but what these people really need is someone to share with them the Risen Son, “the Sun of Righteousness with healing in His wings” (Mal. 4:2). While physical healing is important to all, what the Khorasani people need even more is the glorious healing they can have spiritually through a relationship with the Risen Son.

Fall 2011