Larestani of Iran

The Larestani people group of Southwestern Iran has a population of 115,000 Sunni Muslims. The Larestani are surrounded by Shi’ite Muslims, so religious tensions are often very high. The Larestani are farmers and shepherds; but as they are completely dependent on the little rainfall the region receives, are very poor. As a direct result of the difficulty in farming and shepherding, many Larestani have left their homeland and moved to other countries around the world for work.

The Larestani speak Lari, which is closely related to Farsi. However, the languages are different enough that any materials written in Farsi do not adequately relay the gospel message to the hearts of the Larestani. A heart language is an essential part of culture and the language best understood.

There are no scriptural resources in Lari. There are no missionaries working with the Larestani. There is no Christian witness of any kind. Iran is utterly intolerant of and hostile towards all forms of Christian influence, and the Larestani are in complete spiritual darkness. Many believe that the Larestani are of Jewish decent, but the light from the truth of the one true religion has been stamped out by Islam. They are in desperate need of the gospel message.

Please pray that the Lord will send someone to the Larestani with the light of the gospel and break the satanic stronghold.

Winter 2017-18