“The just shall live by faith.” What an illumination this Scripture brought to the heart of Martin Luther, Roman Catholic monk. God’s work through His Word changed a man, a nation, and the course of church history. Perhaps God would do the same for the 247,000 Seba as they read the Word, freeing them from the darkness of Catholicism – but they have no Bible. 

 The Seba live in Katanga, a province in southeastern Democratic Republic of Congo. The mining of copper and cobalt is a primary industry. Poor households rely heavily on fishing for their supply of protein-rich food and many rural farmers supplement their income with fishing. The life expectancy is fifty-four; the median age is sixteen. The Seba   live  spiritually empty lives.  Ninety-five percent of them claim Roman Catholicism as their belief system.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to see the Seba people discover the joys of salvation by faith alone as clearly presented in Scripture? What might God do if the truth were  placed in their hands in their heart language?

Winter 2010-11