I knew a little Spanish, so our Spanish Pastor asked me to translate his remarks to the English congregation
because he was uncomfortable addressing them with his broken English. I was dismissed from this translation
assignment after the first practice run. I would have thanked the English congregation for all of their help and chicken
(pollo) rather than for their help and support (apoyo). —MW


Winning One Tribe

 “From the very first, I wanted to go to the most primitive people in the world and so was thrilled when God gave me the privilege of going to West Papua.”*  So writes Margaret Stringer, who served for thirty years among people who never heard the name of Jesus before 1980. After ten years on the southern coast of West Papua (1964-74), Margaret went to […]

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Answering the Call

Oswald Chambers (1874-1917) An itinerant Bible teacher who was converted under the ministry of Charles Spurgeon

“I shall never go into the ministry until God takes me by the scruff of the neck and throws me in.” Most Christians would be surprised to know that these words were spoken by Oswald Chambers, author of the devotional book “My Utmost for His Highest.”

When he wrote these words, Oswald […]

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Dang Tharu

The 394,842 Dang Tharu of  Nepal live just south of the  Himalayan Mountains. They are of Mongolian descent and make their living by farming and raising livestock.

Animism (a belief in spiritual beings who reside in persons, animals or things) results in the worship of monkeys, snakes and     cows. The goddesses of forest, river and stream must be appeased. This spirit worship has been mixed with Hinduism, […]

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The Marka Dafing People

Speakers of the Marka Dafing language are manifold: 25,000 in the Mali Republic and 200,000 in Burkina Faso (located directly north of Ghana). The dialects of Marka Dafing are: Safané, Nouna, and Gassan. In Burkina Faso, these people live on the plains as agriculturalists.

Fifty-five percent of the Marka Dafing people are Muslim, forty percent are Animists, and five percent are Christian. With no Scripture translation (New Testament […]

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The Tribal Bible

Several years ago a friend, who is a Bible printer in Wisconsin, put together an unusual “Bible” that he called “The Tribal Bible.” It consists of  a cover and blank pages. The purpose of this wordless book is to illustrate the fact that no one has translated God’s Word into nearly 4,000 languages. In many churches I have set this Tribal Bible on my missionary display table. Almost always, when people look at it, their […]

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